Monday, July 11, 2011

27 days until opening of Glacier Art Project at Piante Sat. Aug. 6th!

I should have started blogging about this art show 34 days before the opening since it will include 34 pieces of art - or 6 years ago, since that is how long I have been working on this project.
But, then again, we were not blogging yet. The inspiration for the study and painting of glaciers started in Alaska, in the Glacier Bay in 1995 when I, together with my husband, his 85 year old mother, and our son, experienced out first calving glacier. Ever since glaciers have captivated me.
You are all invited to the opening, but if that is not possible, you can see the art on this blog and also on my website. At Piante Gallery in Old Town, Eureka, I will have two rooms. In the first larger space I will show the Glacier Art Project, 20 works, in the more intimate center room I will show At Waters' Edge, 15 works, shorescapes from our beautiful north coast. It is all about water.

I also thought it might be interesting for my readers to know all the bits and pieces involved in putting on an art exhibit - from the artists viewpoint. All the shadow functions after all the art has been created. Since I am fortunate to be working with a professional full service gallery - with a great reputation and a lot of experience - I am not alone in this work. The result will be a lovely, festive opening that will seem quite effortless!

Shadow functions for an exhibition:
Choose the best pieces for the show - I probably have twice as many.
Get the measurements of the gallery, make a preliminary layout of the work. For this I had wonderful help from my artist friend, Tina Rousselot, who has an eye for keeping a space exquisitely uncluttered.
Photograph, enter in iPhoto, name, sign, measure, and price all the pieces.
Update my website, start blogging, tweeting, linkedin -ing about the show. (overwhelmed already!)
Work on the wording of an invitation, choose a piece to feature. Check on dates, times, fonts.
Make a list of local people to invite, get their postal mailing addresses.
If you don't live here I'll send you an email invitation. You can see the show on my website.
Figure out when to send a press release to the local news media.
Invite local art critic home for an exclusive "vernissage" - and hope he comes.
Write the press release, choose images to go with it, send it out and hope it gets featured.
Write the artist statement - not too long, not too cryptic. In Swedish we have the word lagom, which means just right. Wish me luck!
For all the writing ask husband to edit...and thank him!
Figure out how to use social media to get out the word about the art show -
I could use your help with this. How are you making use of social media?

It all started with seeing calving glaciers at the Glacier Bay of Alaska. Here are two monotype paintings showing the explosive calving, and the lovely frigid bay.

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