Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Finger-Painting on Your iPad, new OLLI class starting April 19. Open House on Sat. Jan. 21st.


portability - that’s why it's called mobile digital art

no mess or fumes - that’s the digital part

innovative - join a growing community of iPad artists

insanely fun - that’s the best reason!

Since I got my first iPad two years ago, I have painted on it in my studio, during trips, and at live music performances. I am an active member of iAMDA, the International Association of Mobile Digital Artists, and was invited to give a presentation on live iPad painting at their recent conference in New York City. I have exhibited iPad art as archival digital prints at Stanford’s Schwab Center. You’ll be studying with a pioneer in a brand new digital art form.

I have developed an introductory curriculum of four classes. Such a start will launch an iPad student! I am in the process of developing an intermediate class which I hope to offer in the fall.

Having explored several of the painting apps for the iPad, I’ve come to the conclusion that ArtStudio has a friendly user interface and is at the same time a very rich tool. At $6 or less (it goes on sale now and then) it is an affordable app. It runs on any version of the iPad.

Each class will consist of a demonstration of a specific set of ArtStudio features, followed by individual work on the iPad with guidance from me. This format allows me to the meet the needs of each student in the class. Between classes students are invited to email me their iPad creations and questions.

All that is required to get started is an iPad, the ArtStudio app, and a willingness to try something new. No art or digital art background is required. Professional artists will enjoy adding a mobile digital platform to their toolset.

Four classes, four Thursdays, 6-8 p.m. starting April 19, at the lovely Humboldt Aquatics Center on the Bay next to the Adorni Center in Eureka.

Enroll today! OLLI at HSU , , 826-5880

Monday, January 2, 2012

Painting on the iPad during flights and in airports is fun and makes the time go faster, and amuses your fellow passengers.

Just returned from another airplane trip with three more iPad paintings. Since I got my first iPad last year I have been making "flight scenes" and just realized to my delight that I have a substantial collection. Enough for a show! So here are some of them:
Many include a title. The strange, almost abstract one, is a live de-icing that took place during a very snowy, very late night on Dec. 1 last year in Munich. I remember the plaintive voice of the captain as he came on and said, "there might be an opening in twenty minutes, if we can get the plane de-iced." The twin dragon-like machines sprayed foam and red hot beams at both wings. Great visuals. I felt like Edward Munch at a fire! - They did, we flew and landed in Helsinki at 2 in the morning where snow does not stop anything.
Some of the iPad paintings include passengers sitting near me. I met interesting people who enjoyed seeing the painting develop. The "Cash Refund SAS" is at Arlanda airport near Stockholm. "The Hall of Fame", is the my most recent one from United's Terminal, Gate 76 in SFO.