Thursday, April 30, 2009

Donation to the Emma Center's Mothers' Day, May 10, brunch celebration at the Bayside Grange

The Emma Center
Located in Humboldt County, California, The Emma Center provides information, referrals, support and education on trauma and trauma-related conditions for women survivors of abuse and violence.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

I am going to continue posting pieces that will be featured in my studio for the North Coast Open Studio tour.

Iris flowers have, as you would surmise,  always been part of my life. My grandmother had a garden full of mostly blue ones. I have yellow, blue, and some of a strange buff color - that came with my garden. I photographed many beautiful iris blooms in Erich Schimp's lovely garden in Arcata,  
last year. Here are mixed media and digital variations on the blue ones.

I will open my studio on the second weekend of June 13 - 14, 11 to 5
Here's the website for NCOS 2009 for more information.

My artist friend Michi Sloan has a new website. Check it out!

Michi lives in Marin, and does ceramics as well as paintings. I have a small collection of her samurai inspired ceramics.
For more beautiful work see Michi's website

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

What is a monotype?

Monotyping is a type of printmaking made by drawing or painting on a smooth, non-absorbent surface. The surface, or matrix, was historically a copper etching plate, but in contemporary work it can vary from zinc or glass to acrylic glass. The image is then transferred onto a sheet of paper by pressing the two together, usually using a printing-press. Monotypes can also be created by inking an entire surface and then, using brushes or rags, removing ink to create a subtractive image, e.g. creating lights from a field of opaque color. The inks used may be oil based or water based. With oil based inks, the paper may be dry, in which case the image has more contrast, or the paper may be damp, in which case the image has a 10 percent greater range of tones.
Read more about MONOTYPES 

Getting ready for North Coast Open Studios 2009: new lovely bugs

The Humboldt County artist community is gearing up for the most important art event of the year: NORTH COAST OPEN STUDIOS, NCOS 2009
I will have my studio open for a stimulus sale the second weekend of June with  framed and unframed mixed media paintings, fine art prints of varying sizes including greeting cards.
New for this year are my monotypes. I will be featuring them in the blog as a preview.

Arts! Alive opening for Lorraine Miller-Wolf's MODIFIED ACUITY PORTRAITS, May 2, at Los Bagels in Eureka

Dear Friends,

You are warmly invited to the Opening Reception for my show: MODIFIED ACUITY PORTRAITS at Los Bagels in Eureka during Arts Alive next Saturday (May 2) from 6-9 PM.

One of our most valued senses is our eyesight, especially if one is a visual artist. What happens if vision is impaired or lost? How is our acuity and perception modified? My exhibit at Los Bagels explores those questions and introduces the viewer to the world of five local artists adjusting to vision loss.  I also want to educate the public on the importance of eye health care (especially for us aging baby boomers!) and to introduce them to Lighthouse of the North Coast, a non profit agency that provides solutions to living with vision loss. 

Please forward this to friends that you think would be interested in the show...thanks.

I look forward to SEEING you on the 2nd!



Monday, April 27, 2009

A swallowtail painting on elephant size paper: Three Shadows

This is a photo of Carola deRooy, achivist and curator at the Red Barn in Point Reyes National Seashore, and I, with my largest swallowtail painting. The painting is based on a photo by Lorraine Miller - Wolf of swallowtails on the beach of Redwood Creek.

The fine art of organic gardening: bugs, weeds and critters

Saturday, April 25 (1-4 pm)

Starting Your Organic Garden: Pests

Learn to ID and control common garden pests.

Entomologist Pete Haggard will discuss good and bad

bugs, shareholder Birgit Semsrott will cover garden

weeds, and shareholder Frank Gratz will reveal his

successful gopher trapping strategies. $5-20.

Check the website, below, for more workshops and farmers markets, farm shares, internships etc. Very dynamic place!

It was a sunny, windy and cold Saturday afternoon. The bugs mostly hid, but Pete, resourceful and entertaining as always, brought some specimens, among them the pupa of a pale tiger swallowtail. He also sent me this photo of one that just hatched. See how perfect it is!

The weeds were abundant, and I was happy to learn more about edible ones. It is actually quite a pleasure to pull healty big weeds and add them to your salad. We are enjoying the sorrel - the most invasive weed in our garden - and dandelion leaves. I wish we had nettles. I remember the tasty nettle soup my grandmother made of small tender early leaves. When they are really young they don't sting. Or they didn't in the Finland of my childhood. I am including a photo of a malva. It is also edible according to Birgit. The tiny leaves taste best.

I admired the beautifully pruned semidwarf appletrees in full bloom. Here's a photo of Janet (shadowed by cap), owner of Redwood Roots Farm, with Perta Sennott. The farm is located on the rich bottom land in the Jacoby Creek watershed.  

Godwit Days, a success for the art exhibit, congratulations Linda!

 Godwit Day Spring Migration Festival 2009

Hi Everyone,

I just wanted to send a note of thanks to all the participating artists in the 2009 Godwit Days Art Show. We sold over $3000 worth of art between 18 different artists, and I feel that it was a great weekend, considering the state of the world and the economy. I will be sending out all checks today, Monday April 27.  If you didn’t sell anything, please take heart in all the wonderful compliments the show received. If you happen to find any discrepancies between your inventory and mine, please do not hesitate to contact me. Thanks to all of you who assisted in setting up and taking down, and helping out in between. I wish you all a wonderful year to come, and lots of time to create your beautiful art!

Best regards,


Linda Parkinson

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Matt's birthday celebration in Del Mar

In a tacoshop  with Megan, on the way to dinner, a drawing of Matt at 16  - the birthday card.


Walk from Del Mar to Torrey Pines, on the railroad bluff

On a visit to the San Diego area, I walked along the beach from Del Mar to Torrey Pines, and returned on the bluff above the beach on a path that runs along the railroad. Beautiful spring flowers, and this large, whirring Hawk Moth, Hyles lineata, behaving almost like a hummingbird as it slurped on the nectar. 

Monday, April 6, 2009

more about bird artists: Megan So and our cockatiel

Megan who is in medical school does not have much time for her art, but her drawings are exquisite! 

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Claire Rousselot fixes broken window at Garden Gate with a floral - mural!

A pretty and quick temporary fix. Too bad the window was broken!

Great opportunity to see and learn about the old techniques of fine printmaking, including woodcuts, linocuts, etchings and monotypes

The First Street Gallery is showing monumental and heroic woodcuts by Sandow Birk - black and white and powerfully moving. (and may I make an artist's note: attached with velcro to the wall - an understated and very fitting look) and a lively selection of work by HSU student printmakers.
The RAA show at the Morris Graves has several monotypes, most of them by students of Patricia Sennott - and her monotypes are featured at Plaza Design.

Pictured here is a just off the press monotype by artist Kathryn Englin Shaini, who uses the three registration technique masterfully. She also has a piece at the RAA juried show.

Linda Mitchell, winner of RAA juried spring show

Read all about the award winning art and the process for judging in the Time Standard, Lifestyle section. Congratulations to Linda Mitchell, see her website. I really like the subject.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Patricia Sennott, Arts! Alive, Plaza Design, April 4

Plaza Design, Eureka presents "Spring Gratitude" monotypes and watercolors, by Patricia Sennott, during April and May. Reception during Arts! Alive,  April 4, 6-9 p.m., music by Blue Lotus Jazz. 437 F Street, (707) 441-1380

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Amy Granfield's paintings of birds; see them at Garden Gate, starting on April 8

Garden Gate on the plaza in Arcata is a nice store and really a good place to show art.
Kate loves art and artists, and usually has a band for the Arts Arcata!, second friday of the month art walk - 6 - 9 p.m.  Everybody gathers at the Garden Gate.  Check out Amy's website.