Friday, February 27, 2009

Don't miss this! Tina Rousselot at the Upstairs Gallery in Arcata, Feb. & March.

Tina's luminous minimalist oils brought out a large crowd for the February Arts Arcata!, all dressed for the North Coast downpour. Joseph Wilhelm of Meridian Fine Art Gallery,is the curator for the Upstairs Gallery, located in the mezzanine of Umpqua bank on G Street, just a block and a half off the Arcata Plaza. 
These are a couple of photos I took during the opening. For more images and Tina's own descriptions take a look at Meridian's website. 

Artist friend Joan Gold, at HSU's First Street Gallery

Joan Gold with her daughter and friend at the First Street Gallery in Old Town Eureka in the fall of 2008. Wonderful art! See her website for more.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

more about 'being inspired by' others' art

I asked the photographer Matt Wright (see his website for his most famous photo of Obama in cowboy hat), if I could use the hat in my collage of Barack and Hillary on a Tandem. He said ok!

copyright issues regarding Obama Hope poster

Here's an interesting piece from lawyers at Stanford about the right of an artist versus another artist: a photographer, regarding the use of a photo as a base for a poster. A poster that became very famous! What do you think? Was the photographer ripped off? Is the image different enough for the artist to claim there is no copyright infringement? Personally I ask the photographers for permission to use their work.  

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Patricia Sennott teaching monotype printing

Perta, as I call her, is a local artist who is a master of monotypes and teaches this printing technique at the Ink People. I am learning how to do it, and find this art form similar to watercolor painting in that interesting things happen - that it is not entirely possible to control everything. Most intriguing! Here she is working on a Hellebore  from her garden  in Blue Lake. In the top image two of the three colors have been applied to the print. I hope to put the finished work in the blog soon. 

Donation of Blue Moth to Ink People.

I painted this fantasy moth with acrylics on a primed floor cloth, made of sturdy cotton canvas, as a donation to the Ink People's main fundraiser: the Artware Affair.
Go to the Ink People's  website and discover all the opportunities for learning art, showing art, and participating in this creative and entrepreneurial art's community.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

3d movie: Coraline

We had a really fun time watching the Oscars' ceremony tonight. There's an unusually good crop of movies to see.  One too new to be in this years batch is the 3d animated movie Coraline. We drove all the way down to Fortuna, only movie house in Humboldt County with 3d capability, and we found it a stunning experience. Be sure to sit through all the the end there is an image sequence that knocks the socks off you!

Man on a Wire, Oscar winning documentary - see it!