Wednesday, March 4, 2009

RAA, juried spring exhibition, be sure to participate!

The venue for this exhibit is our wonderful flagship for the arts,  the Morris Graves Museum.
Everybody should enter a piece. Check out the RAA website for the details. Entry deadline: March 22. 
The RAA website contains massive  links to artists and arts' organizations in Humboldt County. I've added it to my useful links. (see left side of blog)
I gleaned from the RAA site that the
juror for the upcoming RAA show is Manette Fairmont, curator, owner and award winning artist of the Fairmont Gallery in Sonoma. It turns out Jim McVicker, and Stock Schlueter are represented by this gallery. 
Here's one of her  paintings  " Sonoma Valley Winery".
I hope she does not mind me posting it here. There are many more images on her website, from near abstract watercolors to very representative landscapes in oil.

Often the visiting jurors give a presentation about how they went about choosing which art to include. It goes beyond selecting individual pieces of art to trying to create a cohesive show. Quite a challenge, I'm sure. One recent juror from Sacramento said that she wanted the show to be representative of Humboldt County. Wet, green and windy!?
I think participating in juried shows, open studios and alternative galleries as a fun form of community service. It adds greatly to the enjoyment of living here. I am grateful to the volunteers of art organizations, store owners and newspaper editors who give of their time to make this happen.

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