Sunday, March 29, 2009

North Coast Painters of birds; Carol Anderson and others

In preparation for Godwit Days I decided to list the local painters of birds that I know of. If you know of others please add a comment. This is a photo of Carol Anderson at her exhibit at The Piante Gallery in Eureka, in the fall of 2008. Carol's studio is in the StewArt building in Arcata. Joan Dunning is know for her books The Loon and Secrets of the Nest, and others, and her paintings of birds and nature. Amy Granfield paints birds in oil on board and gives them a certain unique attitude. She will have a show at Garden Gate in Arcata this spring.  Patricia Sennott's monotypes of birds are lovely. Patricia's work can be seen at Plaza Design in Eureka in April and May. Linda Parkinson's watercolors of birds are both beautiful and scientifically correct.  Derek Bond's birds have a serene feeling. Derek has shown his art at Meridian Gallery in Arcata. Sarah Starr paints photorealistic bird portraits in watercolor. See her Godwit Days poster below. Gary Bloomfield is a prolific artist with a booth of paintings and cards etc. at our bird festival.  I have learned how to sketch birds in the wild from him.
Many of these artists will participate in the Godwit Art Exhibit


  1. I am looking to get in touch with Carol Anderson, as I have a painting of hers that I bought many years ago. Would you be able to send me her contact info?