Sunday, March 15, 2009

family art from Mexico, my sister Susanna's mishap, Waldemar Sjölander, Swedish artist in Mexico

In 1958 my parents bough this old painting at the famous flea market in Mexico, Lagunilla  and yesterday it came apart and fell on the floor in my sister's condo in Uppsala.  Ouch that hurts!
It made me think of that time in Mexico and of  the small collection of paintings we have from there. I think the flea market find was the first one. Later  my parents met Waldemar Sjölander, a Swedish artist who made his home and reputation mostly in the lively arts' scene in the vibrant capital of Mexico City. Over the years they bought several of his works.
 I would be very curious to find out if anyone has a painting like the old one pictured here. Would it have been painted in Mexico, or brought over from Europe? My parents also visited San Miguel de Allende and picked up a couple of paintings here.  In my the digital Lucia image, my sister is the model.


  1. Hihi, nu har min blogg dykt upp hos dig också, ser jag! Och en väldig massa tavlor!


  2. Hej!
    Nu testar jag att vara anonym, hihi...


  3. Vad ska du gora med den gamla tavlan? Finns det nagot hopp om att ramen kan repareras? Oljemalningar ar hardiga. Du far bara se till att den ligger platt - inga vikta stallen.
    Det maste ha kanns sa hemskt!

  4. I really like the caged birds one. how neat to have art from all different places, that is beautiful and also carries meaning in the memories of the places it was bought in. I think that I am going to make it a point to try and find interesting art when i travel. when tommy and I went wine tasting last month, we fell in love with a print at one of the wineries. unfortunately, it was waaay to expensive for us to just purchase on a whim. it was a limited edition thing. it was, of all things, a painting of a sheep. :)

  5. Rose, I think the paintings help you keep the memories alive. I too love the birds. In fact I inherited it but it was waaay too expensive to ship it here - so I gave it to my sister.

    You can start your own collection. Or take photos and make your own paintings!
    Thanks for commenting, I

  6. My grandparents were Swedes living in Mexico City in the 40s and 50s and were also friends of Waldemar Sjolander. I have a very large collection of paintings and even a sculpture of his. I should post some pictures! I love this one with the birds!
    Stephanie Ennis
    Charleston, SC