Saturday, May 7, 2011

iPad painting of Marcus Shelby Orchestra at Yoshi's in San Francisco

It was a wonderful evening in SF. We took the bus from the Embarkadero all the way to the Fillmore. Sauntered down the street past all the boutiques and cafes until we got to the jazz district. Yes! There we met with friends Rich and Jenny, had a delicious meal. I loved the black cod and the sushi too. And then we got the hear the music.
And, as I have been doing since I got my first iPad (yes! I am now on my second iPad) I got ready to paint during the live jazz performance. Shelby launched into the Ellington songbook and I put in the backdrop in the first of six layers. After I moved into the second layer, sketching in the numerous musicians (a big band after all!), I was told by the ticket taker, to turn off the iPad. Oh no! So, I waited a while and started up again trying to hide it ....well, he came back. Saddened and disappointed, I though, I could perhaps convince him to let me continue, so I got up, and smiling hopefully, showed him my Esperanza Spaulding (everybody loves Espe!) iPad paintings. ( you can see them below in my blog), and the beginning of the Marcus Shelby painting. And, to my happiness and relief he loved them and gave me permission to continue.

Here's the painting. I hope you like it too. I am selling signed, limited series, fine art prints of my iPad paintings. Send me an email if you are interested.

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