Sunday, July 12, 2009

Art in the Garden - Redwood Art Association's yearly EN PLEIN AIR painting celebration

The event was held in the former Carson family hunting lodge in Freshwater. This verdant property now belongs to Dr. Peter Burgess. We were shuttled in on narrow dirt roads and arrived in this paradise of lily ponds, log cabins, narrow footbridges, and extensive natural gardens.
All the paintings reflected the muted greens of the cool and foggy morning.
I have included a painting the depicts the main house, and shows the green hues on the palette, used in the painting. The photo is a triptych of sorts. Unfortunately the artist was not present when I walked by so I don't have his or her name. Sara Starr, with the pony tail and purple west, paints a watercolor at the edge of he pond, Rachel Schlueter, with straw hat and generous grin, is working on bringing out the foreground, Jim McVicker just added three green spots, Beverly Harper painted a solid red background on which to anchor her greens. This is a very small selection - there were thirty artists spread out on the grounds.


  1. Fantastiskt! Så härligt att få vara med om en sådan dag, och så intressant. Ska bli spännande att se något av vad du gjorde, också...?


  2. Hej! Jag malade inte - jag ar inte en sk plain air malare - det jag gjorde dar pa Island var bara sma skisser. Att mala med en massa manskor omkring sig...det ar inte latt. Jag haller mig till min atelje. MIna bilder visar inte hur underbart vackert det var dar.