Friday, April 16, 2010

Two mixed media pieces of the Eyjafjalljokull erupting volcano in Iceland

"Many airports were expected to remain closed at least until Saturday, and officials warned of an unprecedented bottleneck in global air traffic. Scientists, unable to estimate when the eruption of the Eyjafjallajokull volcano might end, predicted that it could take hours, days or far longer for European skies to clear of the ash particles that experts say could choke jet engines enough to shut them down." from the Washington Post
Hopefully my cousins from Finland, who are planning to fly here on Monday the 19th of April can make it. Alternative route would be to catch a boat ; -) to Iceland and take a plane from Reykjavik airport - which ironically as of this morning was open. The ash is all blowing southeast.
Here are two paintings - digitally manipulated monotypes - that I just created to mark this event.
It is a beautiful and powerful spectacle. But what a disaster for Iceland, Eyjafjallajokull is a huge glacier and the volcanic eruption is causing it to melt with the result of great flooding, wrecked highways and bridges; I also feel sorry for all the stranded travelers, and the already economically stressed airlines. Our local ArMac Orchestra members and chaperones, with maestra Carol Jacobson are stuck in Verona.

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