Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Lori Goodman at Piante, Saturday, Sept. 5 Arts! Alive, don't miss it!

Please join me for an opening reception on Saturday, September 5, 6:00 - 9:00 at Piante, 620 Second Street, Eureka during Art's Alive! for the opening of PAPER.

For many years I have made paper and loved doing so. I enjoy the connection to its history, the knowing that for thousands of years something has been made so simply and yet has such an amazing impact on our world. Yet often I deny the medium, focusing only on the "art", the "message". But as I began to make the paper for this exhibit, I became very aware of the process. The meditation, rhythm and the absolute beauty of the paper itself became of primary importance.

Another issue that came to mind as I was slowing down into making the paper was how quiet it can be and how receptive to ones thoughts and dreams. Anything can be imposed onto it be it a picture, a word, a dream or a thought. Much of this paper is white while some of it is painted with encaustic. But all is deliberate paper stacked and presented as such.

The viewer may bring to it what they wish.

On Friday, September 4, there is a special "invite only" beginning at 6:30. Please join the party.

Lori Goodman
handmade paper

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