Monday, June 15, 2009

North Coast Open Studio was a party!

Here are some photos from ths weekend's Open Studio Sale. Half the people were already friends the other half became friends - if we had time to talk with them. Gordon, took photos, schmoozed, played jazz and finessed the credit cards. Ganaa, took care of food and drink and charmed everyone and was of great help. Having all the art, and photos of collectors on AppleTV as a screensaver was fun. The foggy day brought out the vivid colors of the paintings.
A group of monotype artists showed up, and a posse of bicycle riders, and many neighbors. several collectors of mine bought yet another painting - how thrilling is that! And, now I am ready to start on my next project in a BIG way.

1 comment:

  1. FANTASTISKT! En sådan tillställning det verkade vara! Önskar att jag hade kunnat vara där... och du bjöd på tilltugg också, oj oj...

    Så roligt att se foton från ert hem igen. Så fantastiskt fin du verkar ha gjort det, och så välorganiserat.

    Jättekram min duktiga syrra